KB’s Portsmouth Update & Erv ESPN Radio Interview

As updates were coming in, it became obvious that Kenny Boynton was getting after it up in Virginia. He’s preparing for the NBA Draft & additional after-UF playing opportunities at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament in Norfolk.

KB absolutely murked it @ PIT- Best Assist TO ratio in the whole group

KB absolutely murked it @ PIT- Best Assist TO ratio in the whole group

KB checked in as the #38 scorer overall at 9.7 points a game and a very impressive 6.0 assists per game. Our guy also notched the TOP assist-to-turnover ratio at 9.0 (18 assists to 2 turnovers). As KB sharpens his facilitator role, he becomes more likely to gain a shot at the next level. Also, he was an effective scorer shooting a .474 field goal percentage, .444 on 3’s and .875 free throw percentage, all good for at least top-25 in the PITBasically, he’s doing exactly what he needs to do and going to work. Don’t let up bro(Here’s an update from the man in his own words at PIT: Kenny Boynton – 2013 Portsmouth Invitational)

Meanwhile, Erving Walker was getting some workouts in during his Gainesville visit and catching up with coaches & teammates in addition to having some fun:

Lol, the fellas might still need to find compromise on music tastes. In the meantime, Erv stopped by ESPN Radio to give some updates on his professional experience in Italy and what’s up next for him this summer:

Always a man of few words, Erv really opens up and appears to have really gained a lot from his first year of real world experience. Love the parts about everything he learned from Billy Donovan, wise lessons indeed. Erv sounds very honest and realistic, but also extremely dedicated to his professional goals. My favorite part:

    “My ultimate goal, I mean, it’s very difficult but there’s still a possibility of me playing in the NBA and that’s why I continue to work hard. And I’ll play Summer League probably this summer and try to hook on with a team but if not, then I’ll go back across the water. My ultimate goal though is to play in the NBA.”

There you have it, both guys are doing great and doin work. Thanks to everyone for checking in and please follow @BricksPalmTrees on Twitter to share the story! We will check with KB & Erv soon- Well, that is when Erv is done with his photo shoot:

Lol, gotta love these guys.


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