4 Songs For A 2013-2014 #GatorBoyz Soundtrack

Basketball players and headphones go hand-in-hand like rappers and a microphone. Well, maybe a basketball is a better analogy for a player, but watch teams warm up and many guys have their locked-in gameface on as well as a fresh pair of Beats By Dre’s. For this year’s #GatorBoyz squad we’ve put together a quick list of songs to get pumped up to and explain why they are especially relevant this season. And these songs are not the edited versions so don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

1. Lil Durk – L’s Anthem

Lil Durk is one of Chicago’s newest and brightest stars and signed to Def Jam off of the strength of his smash single “L’s Anthem”. In addition to repping his block Lamron (Normal Ave spelled backwards), the L’s stand for Life, Love, Loyalty and for those Locked Up. With so many new faces on this year’s squad playing significant roles such as Kasey Hill, Dorian Finney-Smith, Damontre Harris, and Eli Carter, it is extremely important to form an air-tight bond quickly. As three of these guys throw L’s with returning star Casey Prather, it’s obvious the Love & Loyalty are already established:

L's up 4 the #GatorBoyz

L’s up 4 the #GatorBoyz

2. Dangeruss – My Fork

Rapper Dangeruss is an underground legend in the state of Florida thanks to being discovered by James Franco for the movie Spring Breakers off the strength of the street anthem “My Fork”. Although his subject matter is more street-oriented, the energy falls in line with exactly where #GatorBoyz like Mike Frazier and Casey Prather need to be. And that is, it’s time to eat. With the three leading scorers from last year’s team gone, guys like Mike and Casey will be called upon for increased scoring. Get your forks ready fellas and bring your appetites because it’s a long season from here to the Final Four. If the first games are any indication, these two haven’t eaten in months!

Time 2 Eat...

Time 2 Eat…

3. Chief Keef – Ballin’

Our guess is that once this team is together and begin gelling after suspensions are served and injuries are healed, they will be an incredibly exciting team to watch. When points are flowing and guys are rolling, there is no other term to capture it other than, Ballin’. 18-year-old Chief Keef’s energetic, upbeat track has a playful, loose rhythm that still has a sharp cadence to it. For the #GatorBoyz to succeed they will need to play on edge, but still remain loose and relaxed to avoid succumbing to lofty expectations or pressures. A huge factor in achieving that balance? None other than 18-year-old Kasey Hill

Kasey Hill is Ballin'

“I’m Ballin’ like Spalding”

4. Drake – Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

The #GatorBoyz have reached three straight Elite 8’s and the last time they reached the Final Four was with a group of 4 freshmen dubbed the 04’s. In 2014, 4 Gators players who came in as freshmen together will graduate, facing their final opportunity to reach the Final Four. Notice a theme with the number 4? For Pat Young, Will Yeguete, Casey Prather & Scottie Wilbekin the time is now. If they want to be remembered “Forever” (or should it be “Four-ever”) than it’s time for this unforgettable foursome to lead the troops to victory and get over the hump. It’s only right then that the quartet of Drizzy, Yeezy, Weezy & Em provide the perfect soundtrack into March. This might be the best basketball warm-up song ever.

#GatorBoyz Class of '14

#GatorBoyz Class of ’14

Oh yea, don’t forget the official #GatorBoyz theme song produced by Lil Nemo Got Beatz! It’s already achieving cult status online…



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