7 Chiraq #DRILL Tracks From 2013 Not To Be Missed

Today it's Keef

Today it’s Keef

The homies over at Fake Shore Drive did an incredible job compiling their list of 100 Great Chicago Rap Songs of 2013. Seriously, the list is amazing, go check it out. They wisely added the stipulation that each lead artist was awarded at max, 2 tracks on the list.

However, it also meant that some really dope tracks didn’t make the cut. Especially from some artists who are right around the corner of breaking through big time! As an amendment to Fake Shore Drive’s Top 100, we’d like to list…

7 Chiraq #DRILL tracks from 2013 not to be missed!

1-3. Chief Keef – “Love No Thotties” “Ain’t Done Turnin’ Up” & “Baby What’s Wrong With You”
“Macaroni Time” was probably Chief Keef’s biggest song of 2013, but “Love No Thotties” started a movement with the word “Thot”. Thot stands for “That Ho Over There” and “Thottie” is simply a derivitive. The song itself is dope with the cell phone bleeps-inspired production and Keef’s 3:00 minute convo with the thot in question. Sidenote: Do you usually have to tell your girl to brush her teeth? Prob a sign that it won’t work out, just us tho…

2012 was such a huge year for Chief Keef and 2013 was kind of an inconsistent year for Keef. However, he put out just enough dope, trippy, weird, jammin tracks to keep fans on the edge of their seat. “Ain’t Done Turnin Up” is awesome for the Mike Jones reference alone, one that is hilarious and very sincere at the same time. “Baby What’s Wrong With You” has such a hypnotic beat that his story kind of runs together, but in a good way? Keef can really do no wrong as long as he remains inventive:

4. Tink – “Money Money” ft. Mikey Dollaz
Good gracious, Tink is an absolute beast! She is definitely the best technical female rapper in Chiraq, and I argue she could hold her own with just about any female rapper out. What makes her even better is the fact that her money talk goes harder than most male rappers out as well. Oh yea, listen to the hook. That’s Tink singing and doesn’t scratch the surface of her vocal ability. Whew!

5. Ballout – “What U Got” ft. Yung Gleesh & Capo & “I Got A Bag” ft. Chief Keef
“What U Got” will not dazzle you with lyricism and wordplay. It will however knock in the Jeep and in the Dre’s thanks to Zaytoven’s laidback and oh so funky production. Each rapper brings their equally laidback trap-talk but the standout here is Ballout, who is quickly becoming an enjoyable character in the vein of the big homie Guwop aka Gucci Mane. Quick and to the point, you will find yourself rapping along with the entire song by the 3rd listen. And loving all 2 minutes and 36 seconds of it:

Showing a lil versatility on “I Got A Bag”, Bally creates a very fun sing-a-long hook that poses a very good question indeed: “You say they ain’t mad/Tell me why they mad then?”. He’s not braggin tho, but he’s got a bag (of money). Keef sounds trippy and happy and the Leek-e-leek banger knocks:

7. Matti Baybee – “Thumbin” ft. Lil Durk
The youngest drilla on the list, Matti Baybee enlists big brother figure Lil Durk for a melodic lesson on retail therapy. Listen to Matti Baybee vocals. The precision and complexity of the layers is downright prodigious and his lyrics are already superior to some of his older Chriaq counterparts. Not to be outdone, Durk sets the Guinness record for holding the word “Nah” the longest on any #DRILL record:

Did we tell you to visit Fake Shore Drive yet? Yea, go do that


7 Tracks You Should Be Listening To Right NOW

Casey Prather rockin out

Casey Prather rockin out

Lot of dope music being released right now, here’s some of the latest songs that are in constant rotation here at Bricks & Palm Trees. #GatorBoy Casey Prather (pictured right) may or may not be listening to new Bieber. Probably not, but check out these jams:

1. Yo Gotti – I Know ft. Rich Homie Quan
Is there any better hook-maker in the game right now than Rich Homie?? He absolutely kills the hook and the slowed down Luniz – “I Got 5 On It” sample is major. Gotti comes with the straight talk we love him for and this song calls out pretenders in the most melodic way you’ve ever heard:

2. Migos – Jealousy
So I guess Migos claim this track isn’t about their beef with GBE, which is whack as hell. Because the song is awesome. It has all of the flows, adlibs and energy you want and expect from Migos, but it actually feels deep. There a somberness to it that is genuine but still remains turnt. Nicely done.

3. Tink – Treat Me Like Somebody
There has been a void in the R&B world ever since Aaliyah passed and I don’t know if anyone has come closer to filling it than Chicago’s Tink. It’s not that she’s trying either, there’s just an effortless, soothing quality to her music that recalls the late Aaliyah in all of her excellence. This track reminds me of Aaliyah’s track “Be Without You” and that’s a good thing.

4. Natasha Mosley – Sick
Yo, Natasha just went hard as hell on this track. “That Gucci real, 2pac alive” she sings as she calls out all flexers in 5 words. “You need to save your money, stop getting high”. Forreal, someone pissed off Natasha in real life because she gets mad specific in her details. Makes for a killer record tho!

5. Woop – Go Away
Imagine if Boosie’s cousin from Florida listened to a lot of Chief Keef and Future, but had better punchlines and was more on key. That gives a good idea of Woop’s performance in this creative spin on the traditional hater topic. The piece de resistance is the last line of the hook: “But I love it when they hate”. Extremely insightful and cocky all at once.

6. Justin Bieber – Roller Coaster
So we’re all on the same page that late 2013 Justin Bieber is dope, right? Yea it still sounds weird saying that but fuck, lil dude is jammin. This track has a real classic funk vibe to it, along with a dirty, screwed up bounce feel that drops before the chorus. It gives the tempo a true up-and-down roller coaster feel that makes this a winner. I dare you to play this around some old folks and see if they don’t start hittin a carwash 2-step into a arthritic twerk session.

7. Rondo Numba 9 – Ride ft. Lil Durk
If y’all haven’t heard that “Life Of A Savage” by Numba 9, you might not be aware that dude is a problem. Imo, he has an equal scare factor as Fredo Santana, but better music and lyricism. Him & Durk make a crazy 1-2 punch since they sound nothing alike. Durk goes especially high with his sing-song flow on this one, but Numba 9’s menacing mumble steals the spotlight.

4 Songs For A 2013-2014 #GatorBoyz Soundtrack

Basketball players and headphones go hand-in-hand like rappers and a microphone. Well, maybe a basketball is a better analogy for a player, but watch teams warm up and many guys have their locked-in gameface on as well as a fresh pair of Beats By Dre’s. For this year’s #GatorBoyz squad we’ve put together a quick list of songs to get pumped up to and explain why they are especially relevant this season. And these songs are not the edited versions so don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

1. Lil Durk – L’s Anthem

Lil Durk is one of Chicago’s newest and brightest stars and signed to Def Jam off of the strength of his smash single “L’s Anthem”. In addition to repping his block Lamron (Normal Ave spelled backwards), the L’s stand for Life, Love, Loyalty and for those Locked Up. With so many new faces on this year’s squad playing significant roles such as Kasey Hill, Dorian Finney-Smith, Damontre Harris, and Eli Carter, it is extremely important to form an air-tight bond quickly. As three of these guys throw L’s with returning star Casey Prather, it’s obvious the Love & Loyalty are already established:

L's up 4 the #GatorBoyz

L’s up 4 the #GatorBoyz

2. Dangeruss – My Fork

Rapper Dangeruss is an underground legend in the state of Florida thanks to being discovered by James Franco for the movie Spring Breakers off the strength of the street anthem “My Fork”. Although his subject matter is more street-oriented, the energy falls in line with exactly where #GatorBoyz like Mike Frazier and Casey Prather need to be. And that is, it’s time to eat. With the three leading scorers from last year’s team gone, guys like Mike and Casey will be called upon for increased scoring. Get your forks ready fellas and bring your appetites because it’s a long season from here to the Final Four. If the first games are any indication, these two haven’t eaten in months!

Time 2 Eat...

Time 2 Eat…

3. Chief Keef – Ballin’

Our guess is that once this team is together and begin gelling after suspensions are served and injuries are healed, they will be an incredibly exciting team to watch. When points are flowing and guys are rolling, there is no other term to capture it other than, Ballin’. 18-year-old Chief Keef’s energetic, upbeat track has a playful, loose rhythm that still has a sharp cadence to it. For the #GatorBoyz to succeed they will need to play on edge, but still remain loose and relaxed to avoid succumbing to lofty expectations or pressures. A huge factor in achieving that balance? None other than 18-year-old Kasey Hill

Kasey Hill is Ballin'

“I’m Ballin’ like Spalding”

4. Drake – Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

The #GatorBoyz have reached three straight Elite 8’s and the last time they reached the Final Four was with a group of 4 freshmen dubbed the 04’s. In 2014, 4 Gators players who came in as freshmen together will graduate, facing their final opportunity to reach the Final Four. Notice a theme with the number 4? For Pat Young, Will Yeguete, Casey Prather & Scottie Wilbekin the time is now. If they want to be remembered “Forever” (or should it be “Four-ever”) than it’s time for this unforgettable foursome to lead the troops to victory and get over the hump. It’s only right then that the quartet of Drizzy, Yeezy, Weezy & Em provide the perfect soundtrack into March. This might be the best basketball warm-up song ever.

#GatorBoyz Class of '14

#GatorBoyz Class of ’14

Oh yea, don’t forget the official #GatorBoyz theme song produced by Lil Nemo Got Beatz! It’s already achieving cult status online…


Official #GatorBoyz Theme Song! [FREE MP3]

#GatorBoyzJust in time for the start of the 2013-2014 basketball season, diehard Gator fan and Gainesville, FL beatmaker Lil Nemo Got Beatz presents #GatorBoyz theme song.

The track features FL lyricist Dangeruss (most recently serving as James Franco’s mentor for the character Alien in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers) and fellow Gator diehard $hamrock (winner of Vh1’s White Rapper Show and national recording artist).

This one has potential to make it’s way onto a few ipods with it’s menacing beat provided by Nemo and shoutout lyrics by Dangeruss & $ham. Make sure to grab the free Mp3 download and memorize the lyrics below:

@LNGBeatz – #GatorBoyz (ft. @Dangeruss727 & @Yung_Irish)

Mama told me don’t go in there
It’s some Gators in that water
You don’t wanna go to war
Cuz these Gators here from Florida
I can’t promise that you’ll come out alive
Deep in that swamp
Cuz them #GatorBoyz’ll getcha
When they hitcha with that chomp

That’s 3 straight, Elite 8’s
SEC Champs, can’t hate
Homecourt, we undefeated
This year we gon repeat it
Billy D on a winning spree
Every year rewrite history
So many greats done came through
This squad doing they thang to
Big Pat, he control the lane
& Will Yeguete hustle insane
Point guard, that’s Scottie 5
Alley-oop to Casey, too live
Sportscenter like every play
& Mike Fraz gon hit for trey
Dillon Graham going Dillon-ham
& DeVo got that wingspan
What about them Mickey D’s
Chris Walker, Kasey
Damontre ready, Doe-Doe
Billy Jr, time to the hit the flo
Jake the snake, he trained to go
Eli Carter, whatup though!
They don’t wanna come to the O-Dome
Cuz they’ll take another L when they go home
Mama told me it’s some Gators in that water
You don’t wanna go to war
You don’t wanna get em started
Them #GatorBoyz go harder
Them other teams aint bout it
Them reptiles get rowdy
& get louder, when they shout it,
Like this

We’re looking forward to watching these #GatorBoyz in action!

Nick Calathes Drops Dimes to Chris Walker, Wait, Huh??!

This Home Team Hoops video mixtape from the Orlando Pro Am is really dope for 4 reasons:

1) Nick Calathes is throwing some sick passes, showcasing no-looks, a nasty handle, and a lot of added strength since his college days. His vision is pretty unreal.

2) This video shows a reunion of 2007 Gator Freshman Chandler Parsons, Adam Allen (awesome just to see him still hooping!) and Calathes.

3) The 2013 connection of a no-look Calathes pass to Parsons dunk will make you do a double-take- Where they just wearing blue and orange jerseys?

4) Although he has yet to play a game for the Florida Gators, 2013 McDonald’s All-American and Gator freshman Chris Walker is the recipient of some Calathes assists and proceeds to tomahawk with authority. This is the stuff that Gator basketball dreams are made of…

It’s going to fun to watch Nick play with the Memphis Grizzlies this year, best of luck to one of the best Gator freshmen ever.

Erv Walker helps us wish a Happy Mother’s Day 2013

At Bricks & Palm Trees, we want to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Mom’s around the world. Seriously, where would we be without our Mom’s? On top of everything else, think of all the little league games and practices that Mom took you to and cheered you on louder than everyone else, no matter how the game went. We can’t think of anyone better to help us celebrate this special day than one of our #GatorBoyz, the unforgettable Erv Walker.

Happy Mother's Day 2013

Happy Mother’s Day 2013

Erv has never been afraid to admit being a “Mama’s boy” and why should anyone? Mom’s are there from day 1 and are probably there at every major step in our lives. There was not a dry eye in the building on Senior night 2012 when Erv held his UF jersey high with Mom close by:

Couple tearsAnd whenever we move into new digs, Mom always helps us set up and get situated when she can’t be around. In Erv’s case, he flew his Mom to Italy when he began his professional career overseas:

And as we get older, when we get to go home and visit Mom, we cherish the times more so than ever before because we finally realize everything she did over the years:

Erv & Mom selfieThere’s no one like Mom. Thanks for sharing the pics on IG Erv, you helped us illustrate Mother’s Day perfectly. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom and I can’t end this post without showing some love to my beautiful, caring, loving, patient, understanding, strong, fierce and intelligent Mother, Patty:

Love you Mom

Happy Mother’s Day 2013.

Joakim Noah digs @BricksPalmTrees & the Twitterverse digs Jo!

Jo as the Bulls win Game 7 last night

Jo as the Bulls win Game 7 last night

24 points, 14 rebounds and 6 blocks. Joakim Noah has once again proved that he is an absolute warrior, this time powering his Chicago Bulls through the 1st round of the NBA playoffs sans-Derrick Rose and with only one good foot. Jo not only predicted victory earlier in the week, he also took the time to “tweet” the Q&A we did with his fellow #GatorBoy Adrian Moss (which gave this little blog a record day in views!):

As if we didn’t love Jo enough already. And the whole world digs him to! Without further ado, here are some of our favorite Twitter reactions following Joakim’s amazing Game 7 performance:

We agree with all of these tweets, but the one from @AlligatorArmy rings especially true. Jo is one of the #GatorBoyz for life! Look at the picture below, not a whole lot has changed… Mad love Jo.

Joakim Noah #GatorBoyz

Joakim Noah #GatorBoyz